A Miami native, Nicole Letaw started making pictures in the early 2000’s where she studied black & white film photography and journalism at Florida International University.

Immediately after receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Nicole           accepted a position at PBS’ Nightly Business Report (NBR) as an Associate Producer.  At NBR, Nicole spent most of her time in the video library and edit suites where she worked alongside editors in putting together the most compelling         imagery for the program’s daily news stories.

As interesting as business news was during the financial crisis, Nicole’s passion for visual story-telling was not being fulfilled at NBR. In 2009, Nicole moved to California to pursue a career in a creative environment.  Her appreciation of film, nature, and a secret love for Star Wars led her to San Francisco where she had her heart set on working at Lucasfilm.

After only a few months, Nicole successfully acquired a position at Lucasfilm and had found her place among her peers.  At Lucasfilm, Nicole managed multiple art departments for over six years side by side with some of the most visionary Directors, Production Designers, Art Directors, and Concept Artists.  This experience has truly paved the way for Nicole’s cinematic eye to flourish in film and in her photography.

Nicole has photographed everything from rock concerts, small indie films, music videos, events, portraits, baby showers, weddings, and so on.  Nicole is well rounded in the entire photographic process from directing, assisting, and even modeling.

For inquiries, please email nicoleletaw@gmail.com